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Breckenridge is full of great pizza restaurants, including the famed Tin Plate. We make their crusts from scratch and serve 12-inch pies. The sauces are homemade and the crusts are crispy. The toppings are also made from local ingredients to support neighborhood communities. Located on South Ridge Street, our restaurant is a local favorite for pizza lovers. The pizza here is delicious and a great option for family dinners, gatherings with friends, and large groups. You could even book the space for any special event.

While the restaurant is still new, the food is simply just delicious. The pies are exemplary, and the staff is very friendly. Its ambiance is casual and welcoming, and the menu features some tasty starters, pizza pies, and freshly made sourdough cookies. If you want to eat in the city, it's worth the drive.



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If you're a foodie, the top pizza restaurant in Breckenridge may surprise you. The city has so many great pizzerias that it's difficult to decide which one to visit. However, the city's renowned restaurants make a name for themselves. Tin Plate is a fun place to go with friends. Its atmosphere is laid-back, and the people working here know what pizza to recommend. Its pizza is delicious and makes a great meal for a night out. Its upscale yet casual restaurant has become a favorite for locals.

Whether you are looking for a traditional pizza restaurant or something new, the top pizza in Breckenridge can't be beat by Tin Plate. With its deliciously crisp crust, it is a classic pizzeria. Whether you're eating an appetizer, an entree, or a full pizza, you'll have a great time at the best possible price. Make your reservations at Tin Plate today


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110 S Ridge Street
Breckenridge, Colorado