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Breckenridge has a variety of pizzerias. The most famous is Tin Plate, which has been serving up its pizza since the summer of 2021. Locals and tourists alike flock to Tin Plate to experience the classic Neapolitan pie. Listed as one of the best in Breckenridge, this pizzeria offers the ultimate pizza experience. The crust is incredibly thin and its flavor combinations are absolutely unique. It is also home to craft beer, wine, and sourdough cookies.

Tin Plate is a popular destination for families in Breckenridge but is equally popular with pizza lovers from all over the country. Whether you're craving a bolognese, pineapple pancetta, or a classic pepperoni pizza, Tin Plate will craft it up for you. We have gluten-free crust options available to accommodate dietary restrictions. If you're craving some delicious pizza, make sure you visit our pizzeria if you're in the area. You won't regret it.



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All our pizzas are baked at high temperatures to achieve the perfect flavor. The pies can be made in such a way that it's guaranteed to taste delicious. And with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, it's easy to enjoy your meal with your friends and family. You'll feel right at home here and you'll be glad you did. Tin Plate serves authentic pizza, and you'll enjoy every bite of it.

Our style of pizza making is centered on the taste of the customers. The best pizzeria in the city is one of those that uses high-quality ingredients. In addition to the flavors, our staff are friendly and helpful. And it's hard to beat the classic pie. By having a casual atmosphere and delicious pies, we are easily the best pizza restaurant in Breckenridge. Make a reservation for a family dinner or any special event, we will accommodate you. Book today!



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