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Looking for the best gluten-free pizza restaurant? Fortunately, there are several options that offer a delicious and healthy alternative. Tin Plate offers a gluten-free crust that tastes just as good as the regular kind. We have several veggie and meat options for you to choose from. Tin Plate, located in a trendy neighborhood in Breckenridge, offers both regular and gluten-free pizza options.

We are dedicated to creating a gluten-free pizza that is as delicious as traditional pizzas. This is for those who are gluten-free but are worried about missing out on the taste of pizza. The resulting gluten-free pizza is both light and filling. The crust is free from gluten and is crisp and flavorful. It's also ideal if you're a strict vegan or are trying to eat a low-fat, low-calorie diet.



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If you have a sensitivity to gluten, it's important to choose a restaurant that offers a gluten-free pizza crust options. The best gluten-free pizza in the market is made from ingredients that aren't bad for you, which means it won't cause any digestive issues or digestive problems. Despite being healthier, gluten-free pizza is still worth it. You can enjoy the same delicious pizza, just without the gluten.

At Tin Plate, we can make any of our pizzas with a gluten-free crust so you’ll be able to try all the pizzas on our menu. We will accommodate your dietary restrictions the best we can so you can enjoy every bite of the pizza. From our pineapple pancetta to our fig and prosciutto pizza, feel at ease ordering knowing that they can be made free from gluten. Make your reservations today!



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